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Email has become a necessity for every individual in our society. As the world is progressing the way of communication is also developing, email is the result of that development and progression. Email makes it easier and smarter to communicate with people in different level of requirement from a formal conversation to a personal chat between friends everything is possible through email. It doesn’t matter how far the other person is we can communicate with them in a fraction of second. So it is not tough to understand that how much our world had progressedwith time.

Apple mail or Mac mail is one of the oldest web service developed by apple Inc. after the apples acquirement of the NeXT in the year 1997. This service can be operated in macOS, iOS, iPadOSand watchOS.It is also configured out beforehand to work with popular email services like yahoo, Gmail, outlook and AOL mail. Some of the features a Mac email provides are to receive all the emails by configuring the software, attach signature automatically on outgoing emails, search for other emails, and also assimilate with calendar, contact and other app.

Steps to setup Bigpond emails in Mac mails

  • The very first thing we need to do is make a personal account in Bigpond with a certified name and pass word. The password should be more than 6 character and unusual to make the account more secure for the user.
  • After the setup of the account we can set our preferred Bigpond email id and save it. This id is useful to log in to any new app or social site and works as an identification for the user before signing in.
  • Next step is to setup this email in our Mac device for which we have to select the apple menu in any of the Mac device we have, in the menu there will be an option of preference where we can choose any preference of our wish.
  • Once the account tab is opened we can select the plus symbol in it.
  • A page will appear asking our Bigpond email password, once we enter the details of our Bigpond email we can sign in.
  • Select the option done and our new email account will be added successfully in the Mac mail.
  • It is always possible that the automatic system is not working in our device for some

Reason, in that case we can always setup the email account manually. 

If we still unable to setup our Bigpond email account we can always contact the customer service of Bigpond. The best qualified engineers and stuff works around the clock to ensure the best service for their customer. We can contact the Bigpond Customer Service Number any time for any question relating to the malfunctioning of our account. There is a number of option available to contact the customer service like live chat, or emailing the problem or calling we can avail any option we want.

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