How to monitor Telstra Mail storage?

Talking about email, it was discovered long back in 1978, and the idea was simple. The software is developed to send and receive emails that are sent from one user to another. It was developed by a 14-year-old boy who was back then called aninter-organizational paper mail system, Email.Since then the email service has been used and still been used as a primary source of medium to exchanges information. If we look at the older versions there were not many of features and options available. Now in the year 2021, email clients such as Bigpond mail offers loads of interesting and useful features to users. And users will not have to pay extra to use the feature, all of the useful services such as notes, calendar, can be used for free.Everything we do these days, we want it done right away, quickly. Bigpond ensures that the email gets sends right away and the receiver could get the message in no time. There are loads of other information about Bigpond mail, if users are interested in learning and grow their knowledge, kindly contact us atthe Customer Support Number.

That was some of the general information about Bigpond mail. After getting to know about the background of the company and the features offered by it, we are sure that our user wants to know more about it. We will provide some more information about Bigpond mail which will be very helpful while working with it. Since we are using software there could be a case of encountering issues and problems, it is a basic part of using the computer. Bigpond is designed in a way where the user will not have to face any major issues but there are some minor issues reported by users. And these minor issues are caused due to some changes made in the following email account. Some of the examples are users making changes in the server settings if users have not entered the receivers email address correctly, or even Bigpond not accepting passwords. In such case,s users can take help from Technical Support.

Now heading to the part where we check on the questions and requests sent by our users, one of the users was wanting to learn about how to check on Bigpond Mail storage. Bigpond allocates each account with some storage and there is limited storage that must be check and cleared if the storage is getting low. So, follow the given steps to monitor Bigpond storage.

  • Open Telstra mail and click on settings on the top right.
  • Then the user will have to click on Mail, on the left side of the menu
  • At the bottom of the page, the user will be able to check their storage for Bigpond mail.

If users have other questions or want to increase the storage capacity for the Bigpond mail account then kindly reach out to us at Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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