Bigpond Email Server Rejected by Mac Mail

Bigpond email is a huge platform for users who want to explore email services to the fullest. The email software is very powerful and has the necessary functionality to extend the services and the way of functioning the software. The email service can be easily used by a single-use or even by the size of the company. Bigpond comes with the IMPA, POP server in which the system can be used in an office. With the help of the Bigpond, feature users can connect the email on the devices present there and share download the emails. At first, the user might find it confusing to use the services and make changes, but after practicing for a while user will get used to the service. In any case, if users require assistance with Bigpond email then don’t hesitate to give us a ring at Technical Support.

After that brief introduction to the Bigpond email now we will be moving into discussing some of the cool features available on the Bigpond email. It was always imagined that the process of changing passwords could be made loads easier than the way we used to do it now. Heading to the signup page, clicking on the link, and verifying the process and all. It sure was an updated version in which the process was made easier, but it still could be made easier for the user, and also by maintaining the security. Now user can just reset their password with the help of touch, user do connect and verify their secondary account and phone number. Now users can simply compare the number on both devices and just by tapping on the same number, the password can be reset instantly. The process is safe and will not take any longer time. If the user wants to do the process step by step connect with Bigpond Support Service.

Now that was something that could really make things easier for users. Talking about one more feature, user can connect their Bigpond email with Mac email, we did mention that the email account can be connected. But at the time of connection, there were issues, the Bigpond email server was not configured by the Mac mail. Due to some changes in the system may have caused the problem. Users can follow on the points given below to connect the account.

  • The user will have to open their Apple menu and click on Mail.
  • Then head to Preference and click on Accounts with the “+” Symbol.
  • The user will then have to add their username, full email address, and password.
  • After adding the credentials user will have to click on sign in.

Apply the given steps and the user can connect with Mac mail without any problem. For more on Bigpond’s email kindly connect with Bigpond Customer Care.

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