How to Setup Bigpond Email in Microsoft Outlook

If we ask our grandparents about how they used to communicate with their friend they would say by sending mails or letter. In those days, sending handwritten mails by post is the only option to communicate with somebody. The sender has to wait for days till day could get an answer. But thanks to our modern technology this problem is no longer valid in our lives, later the invention of computer, web service and finally emails makes it possible to reach out to our loved one any time we want. Email is a special service which only requires a web connection, designed with a lot of extra features like we can attach any big file or picture while sending a email other than that email are categorised as social, promotional and primary message option where we can emails based on the category and it is much easier to browse a email like that. Bigpond email service is one of the best email service providers with millions of customers. Getting a bigpond email is easy the user only have to open an account with a valid name with some basic information and password to sign in. Next we can choose our desired email to get started with the account.

Steps to setup a bigpond email in Microsoft outlook

The first thing we have to keep in mind before adding up bigpond email in Microsoft outlook is that we should have a valid bigpond email and password to get started with the procedure.

  • We have to open the latest version of Microsoft outlook first.
  • There will be an info tab in the page after selecting the tab we have to select the account setting.
  • In the email account page we have to select new under the tab email
  • In the auto account setup tab either manually configure server or additional server type should be selected and click the next option.
  • Next we have to select the IMAP option and click next
  • User information will be asked where we have to enter our email and name.
  • In the next page we have to give our bigpond email address and password in the log on info.
  • Once the password and email id is entered , the Microsoft outlook system will check the information of the user for validation
  • We can always check the other setting like the server port number, for incoming and outgoing server.
  • After Microsoft outlook is finished with the checking of our email and other info we have to select close to it in our system.
  • After following this entire step the bigpond email will be added in the Microsoft outlook.

If we face problem even after following this steps the Bigpond Customer Service Number is always available to sort out any of our queries. The customer service is available twenty four hours a day to listen to any problem we have regarding our account. So we can feel free to use this opportunity.

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